She Met A Man

She Met A Man

There was a girl who was living alone
She had friends, career, and place of her own

Then one day came a gentleman
They started off just as friends

Suddenly spending more time together
She wanted to be with him whenever

He brought her a gift every single day
Surprising her in so many new ways

He loved her right from the start
Though untrusting, he had her heart

Things began to change all around
With him she felt she had been found

Her thoughts, and words, and actions changed
Friends and family thought she was strange

To allow this man to transform her this way
They thought that he was leading her astray

She said and did things she never thought she would
Out of love for him, just because she could

He consumed her thoughts when alone
In her heart he was on the throne

She met a man who changed her life
He said he wanted to make her his wife

She answered to him, “Yes of course”
She was his forever, impossible to divorce

This man she met who could he be?
Why Jesus Christ, He set her free

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