I Trod


I Trod

Jesus my Lord and my God
Down here I trod

I long to be
At home with Thee
Face to face
Never put to disgrace

But Jesus down here I trod
My God
How long down here
Must I trod

How long must I be
Away from Thee
Down here
Where there’s fear
And no one adheres
To the commands of God
Down here I trod

But You are my portion
My fortress
My rescue
Even though few
You wait for them too
To return to Your heart
Your plan from the start

Jesus my God
For You I will trod
Down here I will trod
For You are my God

Doing Your will
Going Your way
One step at a time
Confined to this day

I will glorify Thee
For You are in me
I will sing to You praise
At each new phase

Down here where I trod
With You my God
No other place
I would rather be
Than trodding with You

With You the trodding
Is no longer plodding
Now I’m skipping
I’m jumping
I’m flying
Higher than ever before
I soar

Jesus with You
I soar
Only more
Of You
I only want more

#jesus #trodding #notplodding #flying #notdying

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