Honestly, The Light


Honestly, The Light

He cannot heal what we conceal
and He only reveals in order to heal
But if we choose 
To walk away
Then we loose
on healing today
What else can I say
About bringing things to The Light?
Honestly, honesty is worth the fight
The Devil tries to get you to hide
All of your dirt behind that pride
But like a bride
Covered in mud
Everyone can see
Straight through to your crud
Really what good is your hiding?
Avoiding and lying?
Has self-preservation
Brought you any benefit?
The Lord alone is my rock and salvation
I will not quit
I will not quit
Bringing my sin to His light
My failures and fears
My worries and woes
They all must go
When His light shines on it
So why are you so afraid of being exposed?
When you know on the other side
There is freedom to be had
This thought should make you glad
Open me up Lord
Expose all my weakness
Heal me, restore me
May I walk in Your meekness
I acknowledge my sin to You
I do not cover my iniquity
In the Light there is breakthrough
I am no longer at enmity
With You or Your Spirit
I want the Truth in my life
So honestly honesty
Is worth all the strife
Confess your sin
And you will win
Don’t give up the fight
Bring it all to The Light
And by “The Light”
Yes I do mean Jesus Christ
You can’t stop at honesty
Because honestly that’s just awareness
And if awareness brought salvation
Transformation and change
Then this world that we live in
Wouldn’t be so strange
But sin has turned it upside down
And there’s no freedom from the chaos
Unless you believe in your heart
Confess with your mouth
And fully trust in Jesus
Freedom can be had
And your soul can be glad
If you choose today
To really walk away
Away from what you thought this life was about
The career, the clothes,
The people with clout
Choose to be exposed
By the Light of the Son
Because God only knows
When this world is done
It will all be revealed
Nothing concealed
But the chance to be healed
Will also be gone
So you choose today
What you want to say
Yes to Jesus? Freedom?
Healing, and joy?
Or yes to this world shrouded in darkness
And all just a ploy
To get you to forfeit your soul for eternity
Gaining this world and all it’s infirmity
Don’t give up the fight
Bring it all to the Light
Confess your sin
The Devil can’t win
Because on the cross it was done
The battle is won
Just trust in Jesus
The Light really does free us
Free us from hell, destruction and death?
Yes, but also from so much more
Before our very last breath
There is life to be had
In abundance, to the full
There is a deception
That life on earth has to be dull
Until that day we see Jesus face to face
But that’s why He gave us the grace
To bring it to The Light!
He expects us to fight
Not in our own might
But in Him and His
Here I am again
Back at honesty, honestly
Just bring it all to The Light
There’s nothing too grave
Or too far gone
For Jesus to save
For He has won
The battle is His
For you He will fight
So honestly be honest
With yourself and with Jesus
Bring it all to The Light
The One who died to free us


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