Just Don’t

Just Don’t
Don’t sow doubt into my life
Sow faith
Just because you don’t trust
And choose to control 
Doesn’t mean that I can’t let go
And free fall
As I seek His face
Don’t give me your earthly advice
Pray for me
And don’t pray prayers that God would turn me to fit into your idea of His will
Pray earnestly His will unfolds in my life
No matter what that looks like
Because external circumstance doesn’t always speak truth
Often the internal reality is the ultimate reality
The Lord looks at the heart
I bring glory to God and glory in my suffering
In my participation of suffering I know Christ and His power
So pray I suffer more!
That I may be one with Christ
Don’t tell me I need to “do more”
Advise me to wait on the Lord
Don’t pray one thing
Yet do another
“Pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on you”
Is one of the most detestable heresies out there
Pray like it depends on God
Wait like it depends on God
Obey like it depends on God
And realize anything done by you alone is
Futile, Wasteful, Absurd
Haven’t you heard?
Or has no one told you?
“Apart from Me you can do nothing”
Nothing means nothing
No thing
Not some things
So why try?
Why waste my time in self sufficiency
When the most efficient way is to close my eyes and pray
All things are by Him, for Him, and through Him
His power is made perfect in my weakness
I will boast all the more gladly in my weakness so that Christ’s power may rest on me
That’s the power I want to know
The power I want to walk in
I trust in Jesus
I take Him at His Word
So if you don’t believe
Then I don’t receive
Your doubt, waffling, and wavering
God is good and God is faithful
I stand on The Rock
I will not be shaken
Don’t tempt me with fear
Don’t tempt me with doubt
Speak Truth into my life
Sow faith in my heart
God’s given me a fresh start
Jesus I trust You and lovingly follow
Take me
Break me
Mold me
Make me
Into the woman you designed me to be
I let go of control
I reject all the lies
Your face I will seek and
Your voice I will follow

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