To The Prodigal


A drawing from 2010 when I was wayward, lost, and drinking. Today I address these words:

To the one who knows, but has wandered off

You have value 
But because of promiscuous inflation your currency is weak

Your body is a royal estate
But you are defacing and trashing the property with your dress and drinking

You are royalty
But you choose to slum with the lowlifes in the ghetto instead of running to The King

You have knowledge of The Truth
But your heart is afraid to trust, know, love, and hope in The Truth

You feel like two people
The person you actually are is so far from the person you know you could be. You don’t see a way to bridge the gap between the two, so you continue in self-destruction

Your head knows, but your heart doesn’t believe
The Truth is unbelievable. A love too good to be true. But belief takes hope. And hope is a risk. Putting your heart on the line, vulnerable and exposed. But The King never lets you down. He is The Great Defender. He protects. He cherishes. He redeems. He restores. But you have to trust Him. He won’t take that choice away from you. You have to choose Him sincerely. (Forget about election for a second and realize you have a will. You make choices all day every day)

“You don’t understand” is a lie from Satan himself
There is no sin, shame, past, or pain that isn’t known to The King and man. There are people who have gone through and done much worse. You’d be surprised at how universal the language of Pain is

“I’m too far gone. There’s no way back.”
You know His Grace is sufficient for you. The seed was planted. But your stifling and killing it’s growth and hope in your heart out of fear of more pain. He is the author of life Himself and can breathe life into dry bones

He makes dry bones live. He bridges the gap between who you are and who He made you to be. He leaves the 99 for the one. His love is wild. His grace unending. His mercies new every morning. He is The King of Kings. He is The Lord of Lords. He is The Prince of Peace. He is God with us. He is Jesus Christ. Let Him love you today.

I know it’s painful. I know it’s scary. I know trust is a word no longer in your vocabulary. But I urge you. Just give Him another chance. He’s been waiting for you all this time. Come back home. Turn from your destructive way of life, give Him full reign and control, and just see what He does.

I can tell you from experience, it’s miraculous. It’s amazing. Incomprehensible and impossible. But with God all things are possible. His way is the best way, always. Repent, surrender, let go of control, trust, hope, and believe God is going to do great things. It’s the only way. He’s the only way. All other roads lead to death. Jesus Christ leads to life.

I set before you life and death; choose life today. Choose Jesus.

One thought on “To The Prodigal

  1. This article is so true. I remember the many times that I was so torn between wanting to be free and when Jesus set me free. I’m thankful that the man I used to be I will never be again because our Lord and Savior Jesus has set me free. I don’t miss that old lifestyle and I know I am never alone with Jesus. The enemy may attack but I already have victory through our Lord and Savior. Romans 8:1 is so try no mater who we were or what we did we are made new in Christ.

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