The Quiet Years

The Quiet Years

These are the quiet years
The days I cried all my tears
Tears of joy, tears of pain
You came down, Your Spirit rain

These are the quiet days
The days I sing to You my praise
You show me who I am to You
I’m transformed through and through

This is a quiet day
I sit alone with You and pray
Rejoicing at all You have done
Absorbing the warmth of Your Son

This is a quiet time
I am Yours and You are mine
I never want to leave this place
Wrapped up tight in Your embrace

In these quiet years
You’re removing all my fears
Preparing me for the day to come
When I’m united, us plus one

These are the quiet years
The days I cry, still more tears
Tears of joy and tears of pain
You come down, Your Spirit reign

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