Heart Games

It’s a dangerous game
Playing with the heart
Thinking I didn’t have one of my own

A game I often played
Not knowing from the start
That my heart wasn’t made out of stone

The pain I would cause
The ache in their soul
Open sores calloused over my heart

To “Catch and Release”
Seduction my role
Empathy seemed to be a lost art

Instead of the love
I tried to acquire
Around my heart a fortress of distrust

It was pain I received
Deceived by The Liar
Fight off every emotion I must

My Savior is gentle
He whispered my name
“Daughter it’s time for you to come home”

Shocked in sobriety
Aware of my shame
My past wouldn’t leave me alone

Overwhelmed by emotion
Holding onto the pain
I reinforced the walls of my heart

“My child let go
This is all for your gain
Then the healing can finally start”

Obeying The Father
One brick at a time
Dismantling has now just begun

Sweet restoration
One day at a time
My heart He has already won

Yes His Yoke is easy
And His burden is light
For my sin, Jesus took the fall

Trust and obey
With all of my might
How could I not give Him my all?

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