Worth the Wait

God’s timing is perfect, and fully trustworthy. But waiting on God isn’t always easy. Sometimes I worry, grow impatient, and act in haste. In my unbelief, I settle for less than God had intended to give me. Less than the best. Like Abraham and Sarah, Isaac (the child of promise) was worth the wait. But in their haste, Ishmael came to be.

I never regret trusting Jesus. I always regret doubting Him. He is good. He is faithful.

Whatever you are waiting on God for today, keep waiting. Maybe you are waiting for a spouse, career opportunity, physical or emotional healing. Or maybe your waiting for circumstances to change, or relationships to heal. Breakthrough. Change. Something more. Keep hoping. Keep trusting and praying. Let God know how you feel while you wait, and put full confidence in Him coming through. He always does. And He always makes the wait worth while. So I encourage you to enjoy the wait, rather than loathe it in anxious worry. Sit on your porch and talk with Jesus instead of running about aimlessly like a chicken with its’ head cut off. Jesus has the perfect plan and the perfect timing. Enjoy Waiting with Jesus today. Whatever He has planned, I can guarantee you, it’s worth the wait.