The Relating Game

Do we have to play the relating game? I make a move. You make a move. My turn again. We keep our motives veiled. Our true thoughts hidden from each other in this massive game of social norm with rules set into place. “Hi. How are you?” “I’m good. How are you?” We go about with a mutual understanding of these rules in which we play by.

Who am I? Who are you? Who do you expect me to be? Who do I expect you to be? Can’t we just be honest? Authentic? Real? Vulnerable? No. Because vulnerable means unsafe. Unsafe means I get hurt. Guard your heart for everything you do flows from it. Streams of living water flow from those who believe in Him. Life flows out of my heart and I don’t want you to kill it. So I’ll build a dam around my heart. Just a trickle to dribble downstream. I desire a rushing river of life to flow out of my heart! One your death cannot even dent. But how can I do that if I keep myself veiled, cocooned in my own self-protection? I have to trust in Jesus. For Him to flow through me I have to be exposed. Come out of the cocoon and step into His marvelous light. His grace. His mercy. His love.

The relating game. Your move. Mine again. Now yours. Can’t we throw the rule book out the window? What about “How’s your heart? You’re hurting inside and I know the One who can heal it.” Jesus didn’t always play by the rules, in fact He rarely did. I want to follow Him. Throw the rule book out the window and invade your life with radical truth in love. Now that I have the Truth part, how do I get the love?

Jesus fill me with Your love. Pour through me to the world. To love radically means to die to self. To see the other and their needs as more vital and necessary. You have the perfect plan. The perfect words and perfect way Lord. Show me how to strategically say all the words You have in mind. I want to play by Your rules. To pierce hearts and minds with timely truth. Your Spirit bringing conviction. A love that turns us back to You. Give me grace and revelation. To impart to others the words of life and bring about Your restoration.

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