the god of Comfortability

In light of the new abortion law, I see that people bow down to the idol of self, success, and personal interest—offering up the own children as acts of worship. As I was contemplating this thought (and while not nearly as extreme), God revealed to me that I bow down to the idol of comfort. How many times do I skip prayer time because of sleeping in? Or miss an opportunity to speak to the grocery store clerk because of what others think? Or succumb to exhaustion instead of persevering? Eat the wrong food being led astray by my appetite? Don’t confront someone in truth because it would make an “uncomfortable” situation?

I choose physical, emotional, and social comfort over obedience all too often. And in turn I bow down to self, worshiping my own comfort and the path of least resistance, instead God. Worship isn’t just singing songs and clapping our hands, it’s our actions, attitudes, words, and choices. What we sacrifice reveals who or what we worship.

So we have to ask ourselves: Am I obediently offering sacrifices to God? Or sacrificing obedience to the gods of this world? What am I sacrificing and to whom?

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