A Humble Petition

This world gives us many reasons to doubt God’s goodness. But if you take a second look, life is teeming with His beauty. Lifeisbeauty-full.com is all about finding God’s beauty in a fallen world. It’s a blog sharing real life struggles and victory through Jesus Christ.

I fell in love with writing and blogging while working in a women’s rehab in Brazil. It was there that God birthed the desire in my heart to write about my struggles with depression, addiction, and fear, to in turn give hope to the hopeless. It was there that I fell deeper in love with Jesus and realized that doing His work is all I want to do in life. It was there that I got a taste of what it’s like to be used by God and participate in setting the captives free. I was sitting outside and I thought, “What a beautiful day You have given me God. I am so blessed by You. Life is beautiful. Beauty-full. Full of Your beauty.”

Through lifeisbeauty-full.com, I want to reach the one who is looking for anything and everything to distract, to help them escape from their life; because that was me. I want to say, “Me too. Addiction, depression, sexual trauma, isolation, unsafe eating habits, product of divorce, severe emotional suppression and wounding; me too. I’ve been there. I was a prisoner in my own life thinking there was no way out.” But I also want to tell them The Truth. There is a way out. There is hope, peace, freedom, and true joy. The way out is up. His name is Jesus Christ.

A year ago God gave me the domain name lifeisbeauty-full.com. Six months ago the blog became a reality. Today, I am stepping out in faith as I believe God has called me to full-time ministry. Just like when I went on my mission trip to Brazil, I now rely upon support from members of the body of Christ. My life is nothing shy of a miracle. If you only knew who I was three years ago—who I am today would seem unbelievably impossible. But God uses the foolishness of the world to confound the wise. My life is the story of the Sinful Woman in Luke 7. The story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 14. In ALL things (I have the past to prove it) God truly works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. He took my pain and used it for His purpose, my growth, His glory. I am a new creation; the old has gone and the new is here!

Over the last six months God has been moving greatly in my life. Besides lifeisbeauty-full.com, I am answering His call to mentor and disciple women of all ages in their faith in Jesus Christ. God organically put a group of women together who meet bi-weekly in my home. We discuss and grapple with our real life struggles and sin as we seek answers and healing through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am answering His call to serve as a Group Leader with Bible Study Fellowship International this year—an in depth bible study that meets weekly. I am involved with Kingdom Enterprise; an evangelism ministry that not only equips believers to share the Gospel in their daily lives, but also offers them opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice through local outreaches. God has surrounded me specifically with women and I cannot deny He wants to pour into their lives through me. I physically answer calls and messages daily to encourage, support, and pray with people who are struggling and seeking help only Jesus can offer. And I love it. I love it all. My life is a Jesus fairy tale come true. There is no greater pleasure in life than being transformed and used by Jesus Christ.

I am inviting you to come on the journey with me and be a part of what God is doing through my life. Kingdom Enterprise, the ministry umbrella that lifeisbeauty-full.com is under, was recently given the opportunity for a dollar-for-dollar matching grant. Finances were raised for them to acquire ministry headquarters. The full amount has been reached, but the donor has generously offered to match even what comes in beyond the original grant amount. They also have extended the grant. This means that whatever support is raised for lifeisbeauty-full.com will be doubled. This is an exciting opportunity. I humbly ask that you would prayerfully consider supporting what God has called me to do. Kingdom Enterprise, the ministry I am working with and under, is a board governed 501-c3, so all donations to lifeisbeauty-full.com are tax deductible. You can donate directly through the website lifeisbeauty-full.com by clicking the yellow “Donate” button found at the bottom of every page. Or, you can make checks payable to Kingdom Enterprise. You can contact me for further mailing instructions if you choose the latter option.

God is good. God is faithful. I thank you in advance for your support, be it prayerfully or financially. I pray you have a blessed a beauty-full day. A day filled with God’s beauty.

In Grace & Gratitude,

Tesia Grace

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